Adding Interactive Elements to Web Pages in FrontPage

Managing Sites on Your Intranet with FrontPage

Programmers are not the only ones who can add sophisticated functionality to Web pages. Now, without knowing a shred of programming or HTML, Web authors can use FrontPage to add hit counters, search forms, interactive Web discussions, and other sophisticated functionality, including forms, hover buttons, and animations.

Inserting hover buttons, animations, and forms

Hover buttons, banner ads, page transition effects, marquees, animations, and scheduled images (pictures that are displayed for a specified period of time and then replaced) are just some of the elements that you can add to a Web page in seconds.

To add a form in FrontPage

  1. Open the page that you want to insert a form into.
  2. Select the location where you want to add the form.
  3. On the View menu, click Form, and then select a form.

When you select the form, it is inserted into the page. After that, the form handler that is built into FrontPage takes care of how the inserted form actually operates.

Enhancing Web site performance with FrontPage Server Extensions

Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions are the server-side components of FrontPage. The FrontPage Server Extensions are a set of three programs whose routines perform a range of useful tasks for those who administer, create, and visit FrontPage-extended webs.

Some of the interactive elements that you can add to FrontPage do not work by themselves. For example, hit counters, search forms, and full-text searches work only when the Web site is supported by FrontPage Server Extensions.

If you are the administrator for an intranet, you can add FrontPage Server Extensions yourself by downloading them from the FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions Resource Kit Web site. You can also install FrontPage Server Extensions from the FrontPage 2000 CD-ROM. FrontPage Server Extensions are automatically installed with Microsoft Windows 2000, and Office Server Extensions (OSE) in Office 2000 Standard, Office 2000 Professional, and Office 2000 Premium.

Web authors can publish to the World Wide Web if their Internet service providers (ISPs) have FrontPage Server Extensions installed on their servers. However, FrontPage Server Extensions are not required on a Web server that hosts a FrontPage-based web. Without FrontPage Server Extensions, authors can use FrontPage to publish and manage Web sites; but some features such as hit counters and search forms do not work without FrontPage Server Extensions. If you decide not to use FrontPage Server Extensions, you can turn off the interactive features that FrontPage Server Extensions support.

See also

With OSE installed on a Web server, users are offered many collaboration features. For more information about OSE, see Installing Office Server Extensions.

Applies to:
Deployment Center 2003